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Midjourney: How to Get It, Use It, and Create AI Art

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What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is one of the most popular pieces of AI software that allows users to create beautiful AI-generated artwork by simply entering a text-based prompt that describes the image. What makes Midjourney strikingly different from most of its competitors is that it runs entirely within the Discord platform. Users don’t interact with a classic web-based interface. Instead, they send commands to Midjourney’s Discord bot, similar to how you can enter commands on a computer terminal.

News & Statistics

AI Model & Dataset

Getting Started

Beta Phase

Beginner’s Guide

Add Midjourney Bot to Your Server

How to Use Midjourney

Commands & Parameters

Once you’ve reached an advanced skill level, you’re more likely to actually use Midjourney as a professional tool as well. And once that happens, you may start thinking about keeping your hard work private. Not just because you want to keep it private but because your clients may ask you to. This is where Midjourney private mode comes into play. While it’s unnecessary for most users and also comes at a steep price, it will prevent people from scouring through your public profile on the Midjourney web app.



Inpainting & Outpainting


Experimental Features

Patterns & Tiles

Deleting Images

Banned Words

Algorithm Versions

Examples & Inspiration

API Access

Industry-Specific Guides

We intuitively assume that designers and illustrators will be most impacted by AI art generators. Although this is largely true, the process of creating specific types of artwork is considerably more complex and requires a lot of editing that even the most advanced AI tools simply cannot replicate yet. Therefore it’s important designers and illustrators do not panic and avoid the topic altogether. Instead, they should be experimenting with these tools to find out where human involvement is still superior and how they can use these tools to increase their own productivity.

Anime & Manga


Character Design & Storytelling

Game Development

Logo & Graphic Design


With the release of version 5, Midjourney became particularly interesting for photography use cases. This is mainly due to the surprisingly realistic images that it is capable of producing. Not only does this have far-reaching consequences for the photography industry as a whole, but it also means that many businesses no longer need to rely on stock photography for their visuals.

Product Design

Personally, I have recently attempted to spin up an entirely new fictitious gin brand within a single afternoon. I used ChatGPT to help me brainstorm ideas as well as marketing copy and Midjourney was used to create concepts for creative assets. They served as the basis for a logo, a bottle design, product accessories, banner ad concepts, a website concept, and even brand ambassador ads.

Merch & Print-on-Demand

Subscription & Pricing

Using Midjourney for Free

Pricing Plans & GPU Time

How to Subscribe & Cancel

Terms of Service

From time to time, Midjourney will update its Terms of Service to reflect changes in the legal landscape, additional features as well as factors that impact its liability. Every amendment to the existing terms bears a theoretical risk for users as well, especially if they are not aware that these changes are being made.

We have decided to maintain an archive of all changes to the Midjourney Terms of Service, not only in the best interest of the users but also because most of the AI industry is still in uncharted territory. Changes are bound to happen and regulation may force businesses to adapt their terms quite frequently.

What About NFTs?

Troubleshooting & Error Messages

“The Application Did Not Respond”

“This Interaction Failed”

“You Are Being Rate Limited”

“–version is Not Compatible With”

“Failed to process your command :c”