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[SOLVED] “Failed to process your command :c” in Midjourney

Want to know why you’re getting the “Failed to process your command :c” error in Midjourney?

Not only does it seem to happen quite randomly, but it also doesn’t really give you any real indication as to what might be wrong.

In this guide, I’ll share some of the reasons that can lead to this error and what you can do it fix it.

Let’s dive right in.

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What This Error Means in Midjourney

Infographic showing what the "Failed to process your command :c" error looks like in Midjourney.
Infographic showing what the “Failed to process your command :c” error looks like in Midjourney.

First of all, let me point out that there are a number of websites out there that specialize in providing half-baked solutions to technical problems.

They find out what sort of errors people run into with various types of software and then they write an article providing extremely generic fixes.

Most of the time, they’re just regurgitating the exact same checklists that have nothing to do with an actual solution because they don’t really use the software themselves.

So rather take it from me, as someone who actually uses Midjourney and sees the “Failed to process your command :c” all the time.

Whenever you encounter this error, it means that there’s been some sort of server error or issues.

No, I mean that Midjourney’s internal API or whatever actually processes your command and feeds it into their diffusion model has run into some sort of a problem.

From my personal experience, there are 3 common situations when you’ll encounter the “Failed to process your command :c” error:

  1. When there’s an actual technical problem that’s affecting everyone and it needs to be addressed by the dev team.
  2. When it’s only affecting your account but it just won’t go away, even after waiting.

In the first 2 cases, this error is a real problem because you can’t really do anything in Midjourney anymore.

In the 3rd case on that list, you’re getting the error message, but most of the time it doesn’t actually impact your jobs.

Almost every time I’ve received the “Failed to process your command :c” error after using permutations, all of my jobs processed just fine.

I don’t know why I still saw the error, but it was inconsequential.

Ok, but what should you do if it’s persistent error?

Key Points (tl;dr)
  • The “Failed to process your command :c” is one of the most mysterious errors you’ll see in Midjourney.
  • If you consistently run into this problem, check the #status and #member-support channels in the official Midjourney Discord for more information.
  • If you’re encountering this error while using permutations, you can usually ignore the issue because rarely impacts your image generations.

How to Fix the “Failed to Process Your Command :C” Error

Infographic showing where to find Midjourney status reports if you're encountering the "Failed to process your command :c" error.
Infographic showing where to find Midjourney status reports if you’re encountering the “Failed to process your command :c” error.

As with all of the more serious technical problems in Midjourney, there really is only one recourse.

You need to hop into the Midjourney Discord server and have a look inside the #status and #member-support channels.

The #status channel will give you an idea of whether it’s a larger issue that has been identified and is already being addressed.

If you don’t see anything in there, you can check the #member-support channel to see whether anyone else is reporting the “Failed to process your command :c” error.

Other people may have noticed it earlier and it’s already been reported by many people, then you don’t need to do anything.

Instead, you just have to wait until it’s resolved and usually, this will be announced via the #status channel.

However, if no one else is reporting this problem and it looks like you’re the only one, then reach out to any of the moderators in the #member-support channel.

In some instances, there might be an issue with your subscription and the dev team might have to have a closer look at your account.

So report the error, wait for their feedback, and the problem will eventually be fixed for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before we close off this guide, let’s quickly address some of the most common questions related to the Midjourney “Failed to process your command :c” error.

  • Why is Midjourney not working for me?

    It’s difficult to answer such a general question because there could be a number of different reasons why Midjourney is experiencing technical problems. The best thing to do is to check the #status and #member-support channels of the Midjourney Discord.

  • What does the “Failed to process your command :c” error mean?

    This error usually means that the Midjourney API experienced an error in processing your command. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong with the command itself, however, the server isn’t able to process it for some reason.


Ironically, whenever you encounter problems and errors with Midjourney, it feels like it always happens at the worst of times.

And the “Failed to process your command :c” error is particularly annoying because you literally can’t do anything about it.

But what you can do is check the relevant channels, see if it’s an isolated problem, and if necessary, just wait it out.

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