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Discord: How to Use It & Manage Your Own Server

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What is Discord?

Discord is a social messaging platform that allows users to communicate via instant messaging, VoIP, and video conferencing in so-called Discord “servers”. The app was originally released in 2015 and catered to the online gaming community but has since become a universal platform for online communities of all shapes and sizes. It is immensely popular due to its widely used free services and reportedly had 350 million registered users in 2021.

Although Discord can feel overwhelming at times, it will feel quite familiar to early Millennials and older generations who may or may not have had previous experience with online chat forums such mIRC. Discord effectively feels and functions very much like a modern version of IRC and therefore its users demonstrate similar behaviors.


Customer Service & Support

Account Management


Discord has put several security measures into place that help protect your account and your private information. However, this also means that you may need to jump through a few extra hoops in order to make sure you get the most out of all the different security features.

Deletion & Recovery

Your User Profile

How to Use Discord

Quoting Messages

Setting Up Your Own Server

Picking a Server Name

As silly as it may seem but whenever you want to create your own Discord server, picking the right name is one of the very first things you need to do. Of course, you can set up a server with a temporary name and always change it to something else later, but believe it or not, most people spend hours trying to come up with a good name for their Discord server.

Channel Ideas

Choosing a server name and setting up your own Discord server may seem really easy initially, but once you start working on the details you come to realize how much work goes into creating a really good Discord community. And even before your first members join, you’re faced with the important question of what sort of channels you might need.

Server Templates

Server Rules

Server Banners

The last missing piece in any Discord server is one of the most visible parts of it. Anyone who runs a decent online community does not only wants to make sure it has a cool name. It also wants to show off a really cool server banner in order to grab people’s attention.

Administration & Moderation



Bots are one of the most popular and effective features of the Discord platform. It allows developers to build tools and plugins on top of Discord that not only make it considerably easier to manage a server but also help extend the functionality of Discord far beyond anything the original creators ever dreamt of.

ID Lookup


Examples of Discord Servers

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