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Who is Tokenized?

Tokenized is a tech-focused media blog that covers the latest tips, guides, and how-tos in AI software and more specifically, AI art generators such as Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion. Artificial intelligence has unleashed a beast that will disrupt nearly every industry of our economy in ways that most people still have trouble imagining. Furthermore, the tokenization of everything has officially begun and our mission is to support those wanting to play an active role in it.

With over 300 pieces of high-quality content and more than 2,500 informational graphic assets, we have one of the most extensive collections in this space. Our work has been quoted or referenced by various established media publications, including, Mashable Benelux, BeInCrypto,, CSO, Digital Journal, and The Female Professional.

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Although our primary focus is still on AI software and tokenizations, we’ve also started expanding into other verticals such as social media and gaming. We pride ourselves in the fact that our content is family-friendly and thus in line with Google Publisher Policies.

One of our biggest strengths is our ability to generate graphics with a high level of informational content that not only expands our reach into image search but also significantly boosts the “shareability” of our content.

Our Writers

Christian Heidorn

Christian is the Founder of, with over 2 decades of experience building online projects and more than 10 years of generating revenue from online marketing.

Despite starting his career in the oil industry, he launched his first official side business in print-on-demand in 2009, which ultimately culminated in him leaving his cushy job at Shell for good and launching the stock design platform ThreadBasket in 2017.

It was in that very same year that he was first exposed to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole and his fascination with the future of tokenization and creator economy has remained ever since.

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Editorial Guidelines

We pride ourselves in the fact that every piece of content on Tokenized has been written based on extensive research on the matter at hand or first-hand experience by the author. We aim to always cite the source of statistics that we use in our content as well as our infographics. Some statistics, especially projections, may be based on our own calculation models, in which case we will make them as such.

We aim to verify and update our content at least once per year in order to ensure factuality and freshness. However, in many cases updates will be made far more frequently. That being said, it is impossible to keep track of every single thing that changes over time, therefore it is occasionally possible that one of our articles is outdated.

If you have found that any of our content needs to be improved or even corrected, we urge you to get in touch with us at [email protected]. We will respond to your query as soon as possible and in most cases, within less than 48 hours.