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The 25+ Most Eye-Catching Anime Discord Banner GIFs

Want an awesome Anime Discord banner GIF for your profile?

Maybe you’ve finally subscribed to Discord Nitro and want to join the exclusive club of users that can boast an animated GIF as their profile banner?

In this guide, you’re guaranteed to find a Discord banner GIF Anime fans will envy you for.

Let’s dive right in.

Key Points (tl;dr)
  • Animated GIFs are very popular in the 90s when the internet was slowly being adopted by the general public. Since then, they’ve mostly been replaced as a regular image format. However, they made a huge comeback on social media and are usually used to create animated memes now.
  • You can add an animated GIF as your profile banner on Discord, however, you’ll need to have a Nitro membership to do so. If you run a Discord server and want it to have an animated GIF as a banner, you’ll have to reach Level 3 before you can use GIFs.
  • In this guide, you’ll find 25 of the most eye-catching Anime Discord banner GIFs we could find on the web. We’ve carefully curated the list so that it only contains banners that are actually relevant to an Anime fan.

For a detailed overview of all 25 Anime Discord banner GIFs, PLEASE READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

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What is an Animated GIF?

An animated GIF is an image format that is able to display a sequence of frames similar to how a video file does. Due to their file size, most animated GIFs are very short and run in a constant loop. They are very popular on social media, messaging platforms, and are often used as profile banners on Discord.

Infographic explaining what an animated GIF is.

It’s funny everything goes through cycles and even old technology eventually makes a comeback.

Back in the 90s, animated GIFs were all the rage because they were effectively the only way to bring otherwise static web pages to life.

Hobbyists would plaster their personal websites with all sorts of animated logos and other exciting graphics.

Unlike JPG or PNG files, GIFs are not limited to static images.

Instead, they support so-called “frames” that allow you to create moving images by combining multiple frames into a single animation.

Video files are effectively the exact same thing and are much more effective as a file format because they allow you to pause, play and even skip through the timeline.

With animated GIFs, you can’t do that and they simply play in an eternal loop.

So it makes sense that animated GIFs eventually mostly disappeared from websites nowadays.

However, GIFs have made an enormous comeback, especially on social media.

And now you can even add them to your Discord profile as a banner.

They can even add Anime Discord banner GIFs that’ll make them the talk of the town.

If you’d like to find out more, make sure you check out the next section of this article.

How to Get an Animated Discord Banner?

In order to set an animated GIF as your Discord profile banner, you’ll need to subscribe to a Discord Nitro membership. Discord servers that want to use an animated server banner need to have at least Level 3.

Infographic explaining how to get an animated Discord banner.
Infographic explaining how to get an animated Discord banner.

As you may have already realized, there’s always a catch with these things.

Unfortunately, animated Discord banners are only available to Nitro members.

And a Nitro membership will cost you a monthly or yearly fee.

In other words, if you’re not paying for Discord, you won’t be able to set an Anime Discord banner GIF as your profile image.

Now, before you call it quits, it’s worth considering getting a Nitro subscription.

Nitro actually comes with many more features that will make your Discord experiences a lot more fun.

If you can afford it, you should definitely try it out.

Those of you who run your own Discord server can also use animated GIFs to spice things up.

However, as you may have guessed, there are limitations as well.

While your server only needs to reach Level 2 for you to be able to add a custom Discord server banner, it’s still not enough for an animated banner.

In fact, your server needs at least Level 3.

But once it does, you’ll be able to enjoy the extra perks that come with it, including being able to add an Anime Discord banner GIF.

You might be wondering whether there are any specific file requirements for animated banners, especially since animated GIFs can be quite large in size.

Well, for profile banners Discord generally recommends a minimum size of 600×240 pixels and for server banners, the optimal dimensions are 960×540 pixels.

However, even if your GIF is smaller, you can still upload it and Discord will rescale or crop it to fit accordingly.

Just be aware that Discord’s image compression is not very strong and you might exceed the file size limitation.

25 Eye-Catching Anime Discord Banner GIFs

Now that we’ve gotten most of the technical stuff out of the way, it’s time to go through our list of animated Discord banners for Anime fans.

The key thing with animated Discord banners is that they need to be engaging without becoming too distracting.

Animations that are too busy and fast can easily become an eye sore for many people.

The best Anime Discord banner GIFs are subtle, but still lively enough to catch people’s attention.

This list contains animated GIFs from various Anime series including One Piece, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, and more.

1. Goku from Dargon Ball

Anime Discord Banner GIF with Goku from Dargon Ball

2. Couple in the Sunset

Animated Discord banner with a couple in the sunset.

3. Girl from Serei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

Discord Banner GIF of Girl from Serei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

4. Eye Closeup

Cool GIF Banner showing the closeup of an eye in Anime style.

5. LoFi Girl on Motorcycle

Anime Banner GIF of a LoFi Girl Riding on a Motorcycle

6. Slowly Falling Cherry Blossoms

Discord banner GIF of slowly falling cherry blossoms.

7. LoFi Car on Highway

Anime Discord Banner showing LoFi Car on Highway

8. Shooting Stars

Animated Discord Banner of anime-style shooting stars.

9. Waterfall

Anime Discord Banner GIF of a Waterfall

10. Cherry Blossom Petals

Another banner GIF with Cherry Blossom Petals falling quickly.

11. Calma from One Piece

Discord banner showing Calma from the anime series "One Piece"

12. Roronoa Zoro with Sword

Roronoa Zoro with a sword as an animated Discord banner.

13. Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Project

Animted banner with Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Project

14. Miss Nagatoro

Animated Miss Nagatoro on a Discord banner.

15. Jiggling Thighs

Cheeky animated Discord banner with jiggling anime-thighs.

16. Luffy from One Piece

The infamous Luffy from One Piece in a banner GIF.

17. End of Evangelion

Anime banner GIF with End of Evangelion

18. Smoking Man

Animated banner showing a smoking anime character.

19. Tsuchigomori from Jibaku Shounen

GIF banner with Tsuchigomori from Jibaku Shounen

20. Death the Kid

Death the Kid as an animated Disord banner.

21. Denki from My Hero Academia

Banner GIF with Denki from My Hero Academia

22. Roronoa Zoro Fighting

Roronoa Zoro fighting in an animed banner GIF.

23. Vaporwave Style

Vaporwave-style anime banner for Discord

24. Tanjiro Kamado from Kimetsu No Yaiba

Animated GIF banner with Tanjiro Kamado from Kimetsu No Yaiba

25. Mob Psycho 100

And finally, a Mob Psycho 100 banner GIF


If you’ve got an Anime Discord banner GIF in your profile then you’re almost guaranteed to be cooler than most people on Discord.

Unfortunately, using animated GIFs on Discord is restricted to those who are willing to pay the small fee for a Nitro membership.

That being said, we strongly recommend you take it under consideration because it’s absolutely worth it.

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