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30+ Beautiful Midjourney Prompts That Will Blow You Away

Are you looking for some examples of great Midjourney prompts?

Perhaps you recently discovered Midjourney AI and are really keen to play around with it, but don’t really know how to craft a good text prompt?

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to write effective text-to-image Midjourney prompts that will bring your ideas to life.

Let’s dive right in.

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Tips for Midjourney Prompts

Infographic providing tips on how to write better Midjourney prompts.
Infographic providing tips on how to write better Midjourney prompts.

However, those who don’t necessarily have a vivid imagination will eventually reach a point where they don’t know what to do.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to try to be as descriptive as possible when writing your Midjourney prompts.

For example, rather than just writing “girl with red dress“, you could add more adjectives to your Midjourney prompt so that the AI has more to work with:

/imagine smiling girl with polkadot red dress standing in a corn field

Just look at how different the results are.

That being said, too many details can easily overwhelm the system.

So, although the descriptive text is helpful, sometimes it’s just better to think of an artistic title.

Speaking of artists, Midjourney’s AI also responds to specific keywords that define a certain style.

So, for example, you could ask to imitate the art styles of famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh or Pablo Picasso.

Or, if you’re looking for a specific mood, you could use terms such as “cyperpunk”, “realism”, or “abstract”.

There are a number of categories of keywords and terms that will help you generate images of a particular style.

We take a closer look at these categories and provide you with inspiration in our list of Midjourney prompts.

Key Points (tl;dr)

List of Common Midjourney Prompts

Infographic with a list of common terms for Midjourney prompts.
Infographic with a list of common terms for Midjourney prompts.

However, it serves as a good starting point if you’re not entirely sure what to do.

We’ve grouped these terms into clearly defined categories that will help you structure your next Midjourney prompts.

Well-Defined Objects

  • Angel
  • Rockstar
  • City
  • Landscape
  • Mountain
  • River
  • Monkey
  • Wizard
  • King
  • Vampire
  • Train
  • Car
  • Tree

Storytelling Titles

  • The grapes of wrath
  • The end of the world
  • The depths of hell
  • The endless vacuum of existence
  • The wheels of time
  • The pursuit of happiness


  • House
  • Skyscraper
  • Church
  • Lake House
  • Cottage
  • Dome
  • Bridge
  • Stadium
  • Shed
  • Garage

Style Adjectives

Example: a pop art monkey

  • Cyberpunk
  • Vaporwave
  • Modern
  • Solarpunk
  • Futuristic
  • Retro
  • Realistic
  • Funk art
  • Impressionism
  • Surreal
  • Minimalism
  • Cubism
  • Pop art
  • Steampunk

Famous Artist Styles

Example: Barack Obama by Vincent van Gogh

  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Wassily Kandinsky
  • Max Ernst
  • Salvador Dali
  • Norman Rockwell
  • Jackson Pollock
  • Leonardo da Vinci


Example: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth

  • Portrait
  • Ultrawide shot
  • Headshot
  • Macro shot
  • Extreme closeup
  • Birdseye view
  • At an angle
  • Panorama

Technical Terms

  • Unreal Engine
  • Ray Tracing
  • VRay
  • 4k
  • HD
  • Octane Render
  • Cinematic Lighting
  • Dramatic Lighting

30+ Examples of Midjourney Prompts (Text-to-Image)

We’ve collected a list of some Midjourney prompts that generate beautiful artwork.

You can use these as a starting point or try to determine which terms played an important role in getting to the image.

That way you can extract certain words and apply them to your own Midjourney renderings.

Once again, we’ve grouped them into categories for you.


examples of midjourney prompts for animals infographic
Examples of Midjourney prompts with animals.
1. fantasy character, armored bear with big sword, portrait, Ultra realistic, 4k
2. warrior monkey with human face
3. dog
4. Pandas eat bamboo under the moonlight, the moonlight passes through the bamboo forest, Fireflies, CG, 8k
5. portrait of a weaponed fantasy bear with skars, hyper realistic --stylize 20000


Examples of Midjourney prompts with people.
Examples of Midjourney prompts with people.
1. superman fighting albert einstein realistic
2. Picture of a rich man in the city of Babylon the richest man in the city
3. Picture of an old and rich Arab man in the city of Babylon, around him people are cheering for him
4. Thousands of people sitting around a tree and playing guitar, happiness, ultra realistic, 4k
5. Arabic girl face hijab brown eyes photorealistic


Examples of Midjourney prompts with objects.
Examples of Midjourney prompts with objects.
1. the most beautiful pair of sneakers in the 90's
2. women sweater,asymmetrical,wool,chic,white
3. wool dress,tie neck, midi skirt, animal pattern
4. surrealism teapot, parametric architecture Style in shapes, designed by Martin Rico
5. a fabulous big new red French ca


Examples of Midjourney prompts with architecture.
Examples of Midjourney prompts with architecture.
1. The rich ancient city of Babylon
2. Modern villa with stunning views, gray villa with partly cloudy sky, and a beautiful luxurious garden, picture size 9:16
3. The Southeast Asian garden surrounded by the palace has a statue of King Jinpeng in the middle, flowers, trees and swings. Topographic relief
4. a new york building decorated with lovecraftian art deco statues, photorealistic
5. cyberpunk soviet union, unreal engine


Examples of Midjourney prompts with landscapes.
Examples of Midjourney prompts with landscapes.
1. otherworldly snow forest
2. the dead rise from the graves, renaissance style painting, hypermaximalist, hyperdetailed, watercolor, octane, post-production, dramatic scenario in an epic style, dynamic composition, golden ratio, dramatic light, beautiful, filmic, wide angle lens, landscape photo, haunting visuals, terror, --ar 5:3
3. national wetland park, landscape architecture at the front, Valerio Olgiati, Peter Zumthor, small fish ponds, city at the back, landscape design, national geographic photography, foggy, ultra detailed, sharp focus, dramatic lights, photorealistic, lumion, 8k --ar 16:9
4. Rainbow sky, red crystal sea, real shooting, real, realistic, 8K, super wide angle, panorama, 3D, ultra-high definition, high pixel, landscape photography, Mark Adams
5. purified, large japanese landscape, monster, katana, red, yellow


Examples of Midjourney prompts with fantastical stuff.
Examples of Midjourney prompts with fantastical stuff.
1. fungi, aquarium, in the sky, surreal, birds perched on fungi, spring time
2. berserk eclipse, 1990s anime style, godhand, behelit, --ar 9:18
3. The face of a sea monster. The upper part of the human body, the lower part of the tentacle, Stand and look down
4. space ship, shaver shape, galaxy, futuristic, neo-gothic, unreal engine
5. A cosmic tree of galaxies and nebulae, cosmic, intricate detail, cinematic, 3d, surreal photo, cg digital rendering, featured on artstation, unreal engine, by studio ghibli

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before we close off this guide, let’s quickly address some of the most common questions related to crafting Midjourney prompts.

  • How do I try Midjourney AI?

    You can try out Midjourney AI by simply joining the official Midjourney Discord server. Once there, you can create your very first AI-generated image by using the /imagine command and entering a text prompt. This will automatically start your trial of 25 jobs.

  • How do I use image prompts in Midjourney?

    In Midjourney, image prompts are placed right after the /imagine command and before the text prompt. You can use one more URL of images on the internet as your image prompt. Furthermore, by using the image weight parameter (--iw) you can control how much emphasis should be put on the image as opposed to the text prompt.

  • How can I use Midjourney for free?

    Anyone can start a free trial of Midjourney by simply joining the official Midjourney Discord and entering the /imagine command. Once your 25 trial jobs are used up, you can either use a trick to use Midjourney free of charge for another 25 jobs or you can subscribe to a paid membership plan.


As you can clearly see, crafting good Midjourney prompts isn’t as easy as one might guess.

Although it’s fairly simple to create something that generally looks good, it’s a lot more difficult once you want to exert more control over the outcome.

Perhaps some of the examples above will serve as inspiration for your own Midjourney experiments.

Here at Tokenized, we want to help you learn as much as possible about the AI software industry. We help you navigate the world of tech and the digitalization of our society at large, including the tokenization of assets and services.

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