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50+ Mind-Blowing Midjourney Architecture Examples

Are you looking for some good Midjourney architecture examples?

And most likely, you’re curious to find out what all the fuss is about and whether Midjourney really is a viable tool that you can use in your current workflow.

In this guide, we’ll show you some of the most mind-boggling examples of Midjourney architecture so that you’ll finally understand why AI art is a game-changer.

Let’s dive right in.

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50+ Stunning Midjourney Architecture Examples

This probably isn’t the first article that you’ve come across while searching for some good Midjourney architecture examples.

But unlike many of the other articles, that just string together a random list of beautiful images, we’re going to add some reasonable structure to our post.

Rather than just put up a bunch of images for display, we’ve decided to collect images for some of the most common types of structures known to man.

In this article, we cover the following buildings and structures:

  • Towers
  • Bridges
  • Curches
  • Temples
  • Parks
  • Marketplaces
  • Town Halls
  • Castles
  • Mansions
  • Residential

For each and every one of those categories, we’ve generated our own set of Midjourney architecture examples.

And guess what, we even share the prompts that were used to create the images, so that you can try to reproduce them yourself.

So let’s dive into the fabulous world of Midjourney architecture examples.

Key Points (tl;dr)


The following examples contain classic towers but also numerous types of skyscrapers.

5 Midjourney architecture examples for Tower-like structures.
5 Midjourney architecture examples for Tower-like structures.
1. Twisted Skyscraper

Created by: @rahdon113

/imagine skyscraper with a twist and with metallic curvilinear sunshades. Future architecture. Sunny atmosphere. Ultra detailed architectural visualization, vray
2. Mixed-Use High-Rise

Created by: @gurkanguney

/imagine Dubai high-rise mixed-use building with curved double-skin glass facade in the use of folded thresholds, wrapped atmospheres, spatial fluidity, ethereal materiality, cold form glass, and large terraces in Gokhan Avcioglu and GAD Architecture style, regenerative ecosystems, exoskeleton, outdoor green areas, baubotanik, photorealistic, 8k, highly detailed ultra-realistic wide-angle Octane render
3. Radiolaria Tower

Created by: kiryaka

/imagine radiolaria framework scaffolding is support for multistory building with hanging gardens balconies growing out of bedrock laminated wood material towers in the background volumetric light sunlight hdri
4. Dystopian Skyskraper

Created by: @markusnowakowski

/imagine skynet large building skyscraper in the future, machines controlling the planet, unreal engine, drone shot, photorealistic, city, hdr, dirty Train, scary, dark light, blade runner, dramatic, cinematic lighting, extremely detailed, ultra-realistic, cinematic lighting, uhd, 3d, octane render, cinematic, style of ArtStation, raytracing, very detailed, 8k, unreal engine,
5. Parametric Sea Tower

Created by: @rantonelli

/imagine parametric architecture/organic structure/two towers/flying lifts/skyscraper/organics srtructures/in the sea/sunset/fog


Bridges are not a common theme among many AI artists, which is why you won’t find many Midjourney architecture examples for such structures.

5 Midjourney architecture examples for bridge-like structures.
5 Midjourney architecture examples for bridge-like structures.
6. Medieval Bridge

Created by: @Mike

/imagine stone bridge over ravine, Skyrim, medieval, vfx, sfx, landscape, epic composition
7. Abstract Bridge Concept

Created by: @Ivan

/imagine 10 overlapping bridges, indoors, 3-D architecture, abstract-detailed-background, photo-realistic, background, unique pattern, cinematic, escher
8. Middle-Eastern Desert Bridge

Created by: @altoby

/imagine wadi in the middleast in the future with lifeguards, bridges, very futuristic, very detailed, 4k
9. Dragon Bridge

Created by: @hoang

/imagine Dragon Bridge Vietnam, a real dragon flies above, complex details, very realistic
10. Wood-Creek Bridge

Created by: @panasonic

/imagine view from the water of a creek of a complex architecture galaxy soho zaha hadid project made in wood on a mountain creek shore, photorealistic, octane, architecture visualization, pine trees, suspended gardens, lush vegetation, suspended bridges with gardens, bicycle lane, swimming pool in the river, parametric architecture, Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center by Renzo Piano


5 Midjourney architecture examples for church structures.
5 Midjourney architecture examples for church structures.

Churches are among some of the most common Midjourney architecture examples, simply because they are an excellent way to showcase different styles.

11. Rainbow Cathedral

Created by: @wilhelmine

/imagine victorian cathedral, oversized, solarpunk, dreamlike, colorful detailed
12. The White Church

Created by: @Maximus13

/imagine white futuristic temples extending above a dense forest
13. Gothic-Modern Church

Created by: @Nikinom

/imagine gothic architecture with modern touches
14. Crystal Church

Created by: @ObrazkiDlaLudu

/imagine living crystal cathedral
15. The Church of Hadid

Created by: @ivoAmbrosi

/imagine 3 buildings designed by Zaha Hadid Architects are dancing toghter, hyper realistic cinematic dramatic atmosphere ultra detailed


Technically, temples fall into the same category as churches.

However, due to their distinct style, we created a separate collection of Midjourney architecture examples for them.

5 Midjourney architecture examples for temple structures.
5 Midjourney architecture examples for temple structures.
16. Uncharted Worlds

Created by: @Zenitsuhiro

/imagine Pondicherry temple, old tamil warriors, river pathway, Lara Croft environment, steam punk environments, studio ghibli style
17. Temple 3000

Created by: @TomBoon

/imagine The Temple of Little Lights at dusk
18. Tibetan Temple

Created by: @seamonkey

/imagine tibetan temple mixed with frog
19. Mysterious Jungle Temple

Created by: @rohan_kk

/imagine the entrance of Shambhala, ornate, beautiful, indian temple, intricate, lush, nature, low angle, 4k, photorealistic, detailed
20. Agora of the Future

Created by: @Wandereule

/imagine front view of an greek temple with blue glow inside, with translucent plastic skin, holographic augmentation, machine symbiosis, marble, octane render, high contrast, detailed and intricate, hypermaximalist, hyper realistic, super detailed, soft studio lighting


You won’t find many sites that list parks among their Midjourney architecture examples.

This is a pity because some of the most exciting concepts coming out of AI art are highly relevant to city planning.

5 Midjourney architecture examples for public parks.
5 Midjourney architecture examples for public parks.
21. Harmony Park

Created by: @laflaka

/imagine underground forest with croud of people enjoying a sunny day on vacation having a good time optimistic place utopic city designed by norman foster cinematic shot bright future smart city, people eating, food trucks, flying kites, sunny day, fresh green gardens
22. The Green Society Park

Created by: @connydor

/imagine grandious soft architecture for a collective solarpunk society, bushy greens, people helping in the garden, positive colours, in the syle of peter cook
23. Underwood Park

Created by: @laflaka

/imagine underground forest with people enjoying a sunny day optimistic place utopic city designed by norman foster cinematic shot
24. Parks of Brutalism

Created by: @chromadroid

/imagine ephemeral brutalist design, ronchamp, octane render 8k, realistic, foggy day, scattered rooftop trees and plants
25. The Aqua-Park

Created by: @AzatSary

/imagine 20 hectares of futuristic aquapark with modern architecture, designed by zaha hadid and bjarke ingels, surrounded with cafes and restaurants, sunny, happy kids enjoying waterscapes, smiles, colorful shapes, 8k, ultra realistic, cinematic


Whether it’s a market, a department store, or a town square where people connect, Midjourney is capable of producing fascinating new ideas.

5 Midjourney architecture examples for marketplace structures.
5 Midjourney architecture examples for marketplace structures.

26. Fallout Market

Created by: @Superfer

/imagine Hyper-realistic inside the CF Toronto Eaton Centre with loft forest ruins over the abandoned stores, wild animals walking, looking north in perspective from queen street location in the mall, abandonment of time is noticeable, key visual by Jacek Yerka, background art

27. Future Markets

Created by: @treis

/imagine city of the future, sustainable, people walking, shops, domes, vegetation, concrete, hyper-realistic, volumetric lighting, very high detail, 8k render, denoise, atmospheric

28. Classic Market

Created by: @alienhead

/imagine an outside market with some people ,realistic ,detailed ,daytime ,cinematic, 4k

29. Roman Flea Market

Created by: @x1uo3yd

/imagine an ancient roman flea market in the night. Artistic. illustrated by Frank Miller in the style of "The Punisher".

30. Cyberpunk Market

Created by: @ELMAX

/imagine street scene of people shopping in a huge metaverse city, symmetric, futuristic fashion shop, neon data, glass, clouds, daylight, by Benjamin Lindberg, octane rendering, hyper realistic, photoreal, hyper realism, ultra detailed, octane render, realistic cinematic lighting, golden ratio, artstation

Town Halls

We had a bit of trouble finding suitable Midjourney architecture examples for town halls.

Town halls aren’t a particularly popular subject and they tend to fall into similar categories as office buildings.

5 Midjourney architecture examples for town hall structures.
5 Midjourney architecture examples for town hall structures.
31. Town Hall 2000

Created by: @Dylanmoyano

/imagine a modern high tech college campus engineering building
32. French Style Town-Hall

Created by: @benjaminboyaval

/imagine an incredible, and sublime very detailed facade of an old building with neo classic intricate architecture big tall zinc roofing, deronneries, intricate sculptures and decors, elevation, complexity, Octane Render, Vray, Ray tracing, 8K
33. Town Hall of Lights

Created by: @Shahenda

/imagine the beauty of Aventgarde office in Dubai at night in Dubai Design District hanging in the sky around the skyscrapers in the night and there is lighting surreal source in the mystrey ocean
34. Bureaucracy of the Future

Created by: @KosÅ imon

/imagine Jean Nouveau designed a cool residential block inspired by the 2001: A Space Odyssey in an delirium session with Bjarke Ingels, they have put a lot of hard surface modelling onto a cumulonimbus and they felt this foggy render with atmospheric volumetric morning lighting is the best.
35. Town Office

Created by: @rsiii_design

/imagine amazing tiered architecture with roof ponds and dense greenery integrated into the facade located in rural England in the style of Neri Oxman and Ricardo Bofill.


Given that Midjourney is extremely popular among fantasy nerds, it’s no surprise that many of our Midjourney architecture examples for castles look like they were taken from Lord of the Rings.

5 Midjourney architecture examples for castle structures.
5 Midjourney architecture examples for castle structures.
36. Pixar Castle

Created by: @Arcontis

/imagine huge castle made of steel with a huge crown on its top, pixar style, photo
37. Castle of Symmetry

Created by: @lujiabin

/imagine symmetrical castle
38. The Castle of the Clouds

Created by: @Smauffle

/imagine magnificent ultra, hyper realistic landscape with a white marble castle paited by Rembrandt, volumetric lighting, gorgeous soft clouds, evening dusk, 8k
39. The Realm of Glitter

Created by: @staypuft

/imagine glitter princess castle colorful galaxy sky with the planet saturn photorealistic unreal engine hyper detail octane render dynamic lighting
40. Kingdom of the Outer Worlds

Created by: @Infinia

/imagine floating islands with a castle in the sky, cinematic


We’re huge fans of trying to come up with beautiful ideas for mansions that blend into their surroundings.

These Midjourney architecture examples do a pretty good job of that.

5 Midjourney architecture examples for mansions.
5 Midjourney architecture examples for mansions.
41. Country Palace

Created by: @gor_gon_zola

/imagine palace exterior overcast day jeweled greek revival american queen orange orchards cinematic lighting ornate
42. SoCal Mansion

Created by: @Splinter

/imagine majestic modern mansion, award winning photography, nikon 800mm, soft dramatic lighting, highly detailed, octane render, 4k 8k,
43. The Lawns of Congress

Created by: @Heath

/imagine beautiful upscale home, 4k, immaculate detail, in the style of the Library of Congress, surrounded by grass and trees, hyper realistic
44. Cappadochia Concept

Created by: @CanisMajoris

/imagine Michael Bay movie shot, futuristic Cappadocia architecture houses, cappadocia architecture, cly, geometric, glosy white, architectural villa, with artificial lighting, terra-cotta, by zaha hadid, annotations, afternoon sunlight, dusk, movie shot, photo real, ultra detailed, 8k render
45. The Forest Mansion

Created by: @ionut_armasu

/imagine matte painting of sustainable tesla futuristic house in the lush forest


To finish off this collection of Midjourney architecture examples, let’s have a look at some concepts for residential buildings.

Although you might not find them exciting, they are arguably more relevant for an architect than most of the other images we’ve shared above.

5 Midjourney architecture examples for residential buildings.
5 Midjourney architecture examples for residential buildings.
46. Brutal Housing

Created by: @chromadroid

/imagine ephemeral brutalist design, ronchamp, octane render 8k, realistic, foggy day, scattered rooftop trees and plants
47. Cyber-Condos

Created by: @g4kraazy

/imagine Street view of Apartments with Zaha Hadid style, neon, Futuristic, hyper realistic, Detailed Photo, wide angle
48. Future Prisons

Created by: @Artlandis

/imagine Zoom view, inside the alleys of walled mega city inspired by Kowloon Walled City with sky-scraping residential apartment blocks + epic cinematic view + ultra realistic details + realism + arnold render + volumetric + post processing + denoise + 8k
49. The Real World

Created by: @B9

/imagine european city town lush park suburbs apartment buildings, wide landscape photo
50. Blended Living

Created by: @benjaminboyaval

/imagine an incredible, and sublime very detailed front view of a facade of future building with intricate network grid bases architecture, with a cellular structure, with a lot of wood sidings and mashrabiya, large glass windows, in-wall growing vegetation, Ivy, elevation, complexity, Octane Render, Vray, Ray tracing, 8K

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before we close off this guide, let’s quickly address some of the most common questions related to Midjourney architecture examples.

  • What is Midjourney architecture?

    Midjourney can be used to create architectural concept art that pushes the boundaries of what we can conceive today. While its results aren’t necessarily realistic from an engineering point of view, it is incredibly helpful in brainstorming new ideas, especially when trying to blend different influences into a single concept.

  • Can I design architecture in Midjourney?

    Yes, as you can see from the numerous Midjourney architecture examples in this article, Midjourney and other AI art generators are excellent tools to help boost your creative output. It is particularly useful for blending different styles and influences into new concepts and can help break through barriers of what we perceive to be possible.


Although AI hasn’t been able to break into the engineering world yet, it is definitely making a big impact in the area of concept art.

With the help of Midjourney, architects are able to iterate through conceptual ideas much faster before settling for a final design.

Considering we’re so early in the process, just imagine where we’ll be once AI art starts to mature.

Here at Tokenized, we want to help you learn as much as possible about the AI software industry. We help you navigate the world of tech and the digitalization of our society at large, including the tokenization of assets and services.

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