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How to Activate Midjourney Private Mode

Want to know how to access Midjourney private mode?

While this open and collaborative approach has definitely helped it outpace most of the competition, not everyone wants their work to be on constant public display.

In this guide, we’ll show you how Midjourney private mode works, how you can get access, and what it will cost you.

Let’s dive right in.

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How to Activate Midjourney Private Mode

how to activate midjourney private mode infographic

One of the reasons Midjourney is so immensely popular is due to its open and collaborative business philosophy.

Sure, the style and quality of the images it is able to create are also significant factors in its adoption among many communities with an affinity for tech, gaming, and pretty visuals.

However, just like an AI model is able to improve more quickly if it is fed more and more amounts of data, humans tend to learn in very much the same way.

Being able to see what others are creating not only allows anyone to more or less copy existing work.

It also supercharges the learning process because it provides considerably more context for anyone who is trying to understand which types of prompts create certain styles of images.

But not everyone wants their prompts and images to be visible to the public.

You see, even if you’re using the Midjourney Bot via direct messaging in Discord, all of your images are still displayed publicly in your account via the Midjourney web app.

The only way to prevent this is by activating Midjourney private mode.

If you’ve checked the documentation, you’ve probably seen that you can invoke Midjourney private mode by simply entering the following command:


Once you’ve activated Midjourney private mode, any image you create henceforth will no longer be visible to the broader public via your account.

Unfortunately, most of you will initially be confronted with the following error message.

Your current membership plan doesn’t include Private mode! Upgrade your plan at to gain access to Private mode.

Privacy doesn’t come cheap and we’ll provide more details on the exact cost in a bit.

But before we do, let us quickly show you how to switch back to public mode when you’re done.

To switch back to public mode in Midjourney, simply enter the following command:


And that’s it.

You’re back in public mode and every single prompt you enter will be visible to the public.

Key Points (tl;dr)
  • You can easily activate Midjourney private mode by entering the /private command. To deactivate private mode simply enter /public.
  • Private mode is mostly a luxury given its steep price of $20/month. The vast majority of people don’t need it.
  • It’s important to note that private mode does have limitations. Banned words and other content filters still apply, even in private mode.

Pricing of Midjourney Private Mode

pricing of midjourney private mode infographic

Please note that Midjourney private mode definitely isn’t cheap.

But not everyone wants to bother with all the technical details and Stable Diffusion is still far behind the competition in many respects.

Therefore, if you want privacy, you’re going to have to pay up and the prices are quite steep.

Based on the latest update of the Midjourney plans, you now have 3 options to keep your prompt private:

  • Option 1: Basic Plan + $20 Privacy Addon = $30/month
  • Option 2: Standard Plan + $20 Privacy Addon = $50/month
  • Option 3: Pro Plan = $60/month

If you’re a very heavy user of Midjourney, then it probably makes the most sense to go straight for the Pro plan.

The Limitations of Private Mode

limitations of midjourney private mode infographic

Of course, Midjourney private mode doesn’t come without its own set of limitations.

First of all, it’s important that you understand that even though the greater public will not be able to see your prompts and images, this does not apply to the Midjourney team and its moderators.

Specific staff members will always be able to see your prompts purely for due diligence reasons.

Midjourney private mode also does not exempt you from any of Midjourney’s terms of service and code of conduct rules.

Furthermore, switching to Midjourney private mode does not impact any existing images.

Instead, it only affects images that you create while using private mode.

This is probably just a legal precaution to limit any potential liability risks and is only meant to cover certain edge cases, but it clearly is a thing.

Just to give you an idea, you can’t use private mode in a public channel.

Alternatives to Using Private Mode

The average Midjourney user will not be particularly interested in paying $20 per month just for their images to remain public.

Especially, since the likelihood of someone figuring out your exact Discord handle and finding you via the Midjourney web app is rather slim.

Let’s face it, its web app still isn’t particularly user-friendly and I don’t think many people really use it.

For most people, using Midjourney via direct messages is already private enough.

While these workarounds still won’t prevent your images from being displayed on the web, it at least feels like you’re in a more private space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before we close off this guide, let’s quickly address some of the most common questions related to Midjourney private mode.

  • Can Midjourney be private?

    Yes, Midjourney has a paid feature called “Private Mode”. Basic and Standard subscribers must pay an extra $20/month for this feature, while Pro subscribers have it included in their plan.

  • What is Midjourney private mode?

    Any images that you generate in Midjourney while in private mode will not be visible to the public via your account in the web app.

  • How do I activate Midjourney private mode?

    To activate private mode, make sure you have access to the feature and then enter the /private command in Discord.

  • How much does private mode cost in Midjourney?

    Private mode costs an additional $20/month if you are on the Basic or Standard plan. If you have the Pro plan, it is included in your monthly fee.

  • Why are my prompts being censored in Midjourney private mode?

    Private mode does not exempt you from Midjourney’s terms of service, code of conduct, and ethical guidelines. All your prompts will continue to be subject to filters for banned words and NSFW content.

  • Can the Midjourney team see my images in private mode?

    Both the Midjourney team as well as its content moderators will still be able to see your prompts and images. This is necessary for content moderation as well as general tech support reasons.


While most users don’t really care whether their images are available to the public or not, there is a small subset who would prefer that they remain public.

They all have their own reasons, some of which are related to intellectual property concerns while others may feel embarrassed by what they are entering as prompts.

In the end, it depends on what your privacy is worth to you.

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