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Explained: STEPN Level Up Costs

Are you looking for a guide on STEPN Level Up costs?

Perhaps you recently started playing STEPN but feel a bit overwhelmed by all the different gaming elements?

Well, don’t worry, because we’ve dug into the nitty-gritty details and put together a nice STEPN Level Up guide for you.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to level up STEPN NFT sneakers as well as how much GST and time it will cost you.

Let’s get right to it!

Key Points (tl;dr)
  • STEPN is a revolutionary new Move-to-Earn game that uses the blockchain to create an economy around the incentivization and valuation of physical activity.
  • Every STEPN player must initially purchase or rent at least one sneaker NFT in order to play the game.
  • Sneakers can gradually be upgraded (leveled up) in order to increase their potential to earn STEPN’s native utility token GST as well as improve their attributes.
  • Every time a sneaker is leveled up, the user receives additional attribute points and at certain milestones, additional in-game functionality is unlocked (e.g. Shoe-Minting, Gem Socket, etc).
  • There are a total of 30 levels and both the cost and the time required to level up a sneaker will increase with each level. Higher-level sneakers are also more expensive to repair.
  • The process of leveling up a sneaker NFT is very simple and be done directly within the app by selecting a sneaker and then tapping the “Level Up” button in the bottom left corner. You will subsequently be asked to confirm the cost and time of the upgrade.

For a detailed guide on how STEPN Level Up costs work, PLEASE READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

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What is STEPN?

STEPN is a blockchain-based game that combines virtual elements and NFTs with real-life activity to create an experience that incentivizes its players to engage in physical activity, such as walking or running.

Infographic explaining what the STEPN Move-to-Earn game is.
Infographic explaining what the STEPN Move-to-Earn game is.

STEPN is one of the startups at the forefront of this new movement that wants to incentivize people to be more active and earn rewards while doing so.

There are many projects similar to STEPN, however, none of them have garnered as much attention nor do they have gaming mechanics that are as complex (check the STEPN Whitepaper for details).

How Do STEPN Levels Work?

The main purpose of leveling up your sneaker in STEPN is to increase the maximum amount of GST that it can earn per day. Other benefits include attribute points after each level up as well as the unlocking of special features at certain level milestones (e.g. Gem Sockets, Shoe-Minting).

In order to play the STEPN game, you first need to either purchase or rent a STEPN NFT sneaker.

If you decide to buy an NFT sneaker, you will eventually want to understand how you can level up STEPN sneakers.

GST is used to “pay” for all sorts of activities in the game, including leveling up your STEPN sneakers.

And as you level up your sneakers, this gradually improves your ability to earn more GST and also unlocks other extra features that we’ll address later in this article.

So by now, you’re probably starting to realize why all of this is fairly important.

Currently, the highest level a sneaker can achieve is 30.

Unfortunately, the complex nature of the STEPN Level Up rules can be quite overwhelming for many people.

And it’s not always obvious what the actual STEPN Level Up costs are.

But before we get to that, let’s start off by learning a bit more about how STEPN Levels actually work.

Attribute Points

Infographic showing an overview of STEPN attribute points by sneaker Quality.
Infographic showing an overview of STEPN attribute points by sneaker Quality.

Every time you level up one of your sneakers, you will receive a certain amount of attribute points.

You can use these attribute points to improve any of the 4 sneaker attributes and they will impact different aspects of the gameplay.

In case you forgot, the 4 attributes are:

The number of attribute points that you receive with each level-up is determined by the quality of your sneaker and ranges from 4-12 points.

QualityAttribute Points / Level Up
Table showing the number of attribute points gained after each level up in STEPN.


Infographic showing an overview of STEPN milestones by sneaker level.
Infographic showing an overview of STEPN milestones by sneaker level

As your sneaker moves up through the different levels, it will unlock special features at certain milestones.

Here’s an overview of the events triggered at various points throughout your journey.

MilestoneTriggered Event
Level 5Unlocks Socket 1
Level 5Unlocks Shoe-Minting
Level 10Unlocks Sneaker Leasing
Level 10Unlocks Socket 2
Level 15Unlocks Socket 3
Level 20Unlocks Socket 4
Level 20Unlocks GMT Earning
Table showing an overview of all milestones that are triggered during the leveling up process.

Each one of the features opens up new possibilities for you as a player.

Some of them allow you to create new sneaker NFTs that you can sell on the marketplace or use by yourself.

Others allow you to further improve the quality of your sneakers.

Once you hit Level 30 with a sneaker, you can choose to switch between earning GST or GMT.

This is relevant because GMT is STEPN’s governance token which is used for very different things than GST.

STEPN Level Up Cost Table

Our STEPN Level Up table below contains the cost, leveling time, max GST per day, and milestones at each level.

Level ChangeCostTime (minutes)Max GST per DayFunctions Released
0 → 11 GST6010
1 → 22 GST12015
2 → 33 GST18020
3 → 44 GST24025
4 → 510 GST + 10 GMT30030Socket 1 + Minting
5 → 66 GST36035
6 → 77 GST42040
7 → 88 GST48045
8 → 99 GST54050
9 → 1030 GST + 30 GMT60060Socket 2 + Lending
10 → 1111 GST66070
11 → 1212 GST72080
12 → 1313 GST78090
13 → 1414 GST840100
14 → 1515 GST900110Socket 3
15 → 1616 GST960120
16 → 1717 GST1020130
17 → 1818 GST1080140
18 → 1919 GST1140150
19 → 2060 GST + 60 GMT1200160Socket 4
20 → 2121 GST1260170
21 → 2222 GST1320180
22 → 2323 GST1380190
23 → 2424 GST1440200
24 → 2525 GST1500210
25 → 2626 GST1560220
26 → 2727 GST1620230
27 → 2828 GST1680240
28 → 2929 GST + 29 GMT1740unknown
29 → 30100 GST + 100 GMT1800unknownGMT Earning
Table showing the cost and time associated with each Level upgrade in STEPN.

Now that you’ve understood some of the basics of the STEPN Level Up system, it’s time to show you what you need to do in order to move up the ranks.

We’ve put together this simple table that gives you a good overview of the STEPN Level Up costs.

For those of you who like to have cheat sheets like these available for offline use, we’ve put it all into a nice little infographic as well.

You can download our STEPN Level Up Cost cheat sheet as a PDF file by clicking on the button below.

Infographic showing an overview of our STEPN Level Up Cost table.
Infographic showing an overview of our STEPN Level Up Cost table.

As you can see, as you level up your NFT sneakers, you start to earn more and more GST.

However, the amount of GST you need to spend as well as the STEPN level up time required to do so also increases with each level.

And guess what: So does the repair cost of your sneaker.

This is very important, not only because it makes sure that the game remains challenging but also because it prevents excessive token inflation.

Unchecked token inflation would ultimately destroy the value of the token and detract existing users as well as new ones.

How to Level Up STEPN Sneakers

You can level up your sneaker by selecting it within the app and tapping the “Level Up” button in the bottom left corner. Once you confirm the cost and time required, the upgrade is initiated.

Step-by-step guide on how to level up STEPN sneakers.
Step-by-step guide on how to level up STEPN sneakers.

Now that you’ve finally understood how to level up in STEPN, you can sketch out your own journey within the game and start working towards your first upgrade.

Once you’ve earned enough GST, you can level up your sneaker from Level 0 to 1.

Here’s how to level up STEPN NFT sneakers in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Choose the sneaker that you want to upgrade.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Level Up” button in the bottom left corner.
  • Step 3: A popup will display the cost and time required. Tap on “Confirm” to level up.

As mentioned earlier, leveling up your sneaker not only increases the amount of GST your can earn.

It also increases your ongoing repair cost for the sneaker.

How Do STEPN Gem Types and Levels Work?

STEPN Gems allow you to boost the attributes of your sneaker by placing them into unlocked Gem Sockets. Gems can only be placed into Sockets of the same attribute type (i.e. Efficiency Gems in Efficiency Sockets).

Infographic showing an overview of STEPN Gem types and Gem levels.
Infographic showing an overview of STEPN Gem types and Gem levels.

Remember the milestones that we talked about earlier while explaining how the STEPN level system works?

At levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 you unlock a so-called Gem Socket on your sneaker.

These Gem Sockets allow you to enhance your sneaker’s existing attributes by inserting a corresponding Gem into the unlocked Sockets.

So, for example, only a Resilience Gem can be placed into a Resilience Socket.

As you may have guessed, there are 4 different types of Gems, each one representing a particular attribute.

  • Yellow: Efficiency
  • Blue: Luck
  • Red: Comfort
  • Purple: Resilience

As you start to earn Gems, you can continuously upgrade them by spending GST and combining 3 Gems of the same type and level.

In other words: You will need Level-1 Luck Gems in order to upgrade to one Level-2 Luck Gem.

Similar to how leveling up your sneaker becomes increasingly more difficult, so does upgrading Gems.

It’s also important to note that on the lower levels your Gem upgrades actually have a chance to fail completely.

Here’s an overview of the exact STEPN Gem Upgrade Costs.

Gem LevelNameRequired GemsAwakening EffectCost in GST/GMTSuccess Rate
2Flawed3+% to BaseGST55%
3Regular3+% to BaseGST65%
4Glossy3+% to BaseGST+GMT75%
5Flawless3+% to BaseGST+GMT100%
6Radiant3+% to BaseGST+GMT100%
7Luminous3+% to BaseGST+GMT100%
8Immaculate3+% to BaseGST+GMT100%
9EnchantedN/A+% to BaseN/AN/A
Table how Gems can be leveled up within STEPN and at was cost.

You may have noticed the column “Awakening Effect” and are wondering what that means.

The Awakening Effect is the boost that a Gem gives to a sneaker attribute.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before we wrap up, let’s quickly address a few frequently asked questions about STEPN Level Up Costs.

  • How do I level up my STEPN sneakers?

    In order to level up, select the relevant sneaker you want to upgrade. Look for the “Level Up” button in the lower left corner. Make sure you have enough GST for the upgrade and tap “Confirm”.

  • How much GST do I need to level up my shoes?

    The amount of GST you need in order to level up your STEPN shoes depends on the level that your shoes are currently at. Please refer to our STEPN level up table for exact numbers.

  • How much does a STEPN sneaker cost?

    Prices for STEPN sneakers fluctuate a lot in terms of SOL as well as the USD equivalent. Prices for sneakers have been as low as under $100 and as high as $1,600. Check the marketplace for the latest floor prices.


As you can see, one of the appeals of STEPN is that it has a complex gaming system that becomes increasingly challenging over time.

That means that the STEPN Level Up Cost isn’t just a fixed amount, it actually moves along with your progression.

This drives the competitive spirit amongst players at every level and also ensures that the STEPN tokenomics don’t get out of control.

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