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Explained: How STEPN Comfort Really Works

Do you want to know what the STEPN Comfort attribute does?

Perhaps you’ve started to play around with the different attributes of your STEPN sneaker NFT but there’s always that one attribute that continues to confuse you?

Well, don’t worry, because you’d be surprised how many people have been posting questions such as “What does Comfort do in STEPN?”.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly what the STEPN Comfort attribute is meant for and why it’s probably a lot more important than you think.

Let’s dive right in!

Key Points (tl;dr)
  • The “Comfort” attribute in STEPN influences your sneaker’s ability to earn GMT, also know as Green Metaverse Tokens.
  • Although this attribute already exists, its in-game mechanics are currently still under development.
  • This is not a problem because the only way you can earn GMT in the STEPN game is by upgrading a sneaker all the way up to Level 30, which is very difficult to do.
  • The key differences between Green Satoshi Token (GST) and Green Metaverse Token (GMT) are their primarily purpose and total supply. GST is exclusively a utility token and it’s supply it technically unlimited, while GMT is a governance token with a fixed supply of 600 billion.
  • Although GMT is primarily a governance token, it is required at various points within the game in order to advance. Before anyone can ever earn GMT, they will have to purchase GMT several times.

For a detailed guide on how the STEPN Comfort attribute works, PLEASE READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

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What Does the STEPN Comfort Attribute Do?

The STEPN Comfort attribute is used to enhance the GMT earning potential of your sneaker NFT. The exact mechanics of the attribute are still under development, however, it is very likely that it will play a very important role in the future.

Infographic explaining what the STEPN Comfort attribute does.
Infographic explaining what the STEPN Comfort attribute does.

However, the one attribute that continues to confuse people is the STEPN Comfort attribute.

And to be fair, not a lot of information is available on what the Comfort attribute actually does and how it works.

But there’s a good reason for that.

As anyone can learn from the Whitepaper, the STEPN Comfort attribute is currently undergoing development and its mechanics are being adapted to the current reality of the project.

What we do know is that STEPN Comfort will be used to enhance GMT Earning.

So it’s fair to assume that its purpose is similar to what Efficiency does for GST Earning.

Now, I’m not saying it will work the exact same way.

In fact, I can almost guarantee you that it will not have the same mechanics.

In a recent AMA the STEPN team mentioned that the way GMT is earned will have a lot of random elements to it.

So don’t expect any linear correlations as you might see in the way GST works.

Well, that’s what we’ll discuss in the next section.

How Can I Earn GMT in STEPN?

The only way you can earn GMT within the STEPN game is to upgrade your sneaker all the way up to Level 30, at which point you can choose between earning GST or GMT. The STEPN Comfort attribute can be used to further enhance your GMT earning potential.

Infographic explaining how you can earn GMT in STEPN.
Infographic explaining how you can earn GMT in STEPN.

The reason why most people have little to no knowledge about GMT is very simple.

You cannot actually earn any GMT until your sneaker has reached Level 30.

That’s right, you have to go all the way up to Level 30 before GMT even becomes remotely relevant in terms of earning it by playing the game.

Sure, you can go to any exchange and buy GMT directly (if you don’t know how to buy GMT, we’ll cover this in another article soon).

In fact, you actually have to do that in order to get to Level 30 simply because you need GMT in order to upgrade your sneaker to certain levels.

Personally, I don’t know anyone who already has a Level 30 sneaker, although we do know that there definitely are quite a few already.

However, compared to the overall user base, they’re probably still so rare that STEPN still has ample time to figure out the mechanics of how GMT will work in practice.

The Difference Between GST & GMT

GST is an in-game utility token that can be earned fairly easily and its total supply is unlimited. GMT, on the other hand, is the official STEPN governance token and its total supply is fixed at 600 billion. Earning GMT is considerably more difficult.

Infographic explaining the difference between GST and GMT.
Infographic explaining the difference between GST and GMT.

A lot of people who are new to STEPN are easily confused by the fact that there are 2 different tokens.

Just as a refresher, here’s what the abbreviations mean:

  • GST: Green Satoshi Token
  • GMT: Green Metaverse Token

So what’s the purpose of having 2 tokens in the first place?

Well, GST is what we refer to as a “Utility Token” and GMT is a “Governance Token”.

If you’re fairly new to the crypto world, then both these terms won’t really mean anything to you.

So let me try to explain them in simple terms:

  • Utility Tokens: In most ecosystems utility tokens are used to pay for transactions. Nearly every you do within blockchain-based apps or games triggers a transaction in the background. The value of utility tokens is determined by frequently you need them and how scarce they are. However, they should not be too scarce because that might prevent new users from joining the game. GST’s total supply is technically unlimited.
  • Governance Tokens: The best way to reward early supporters of an ecosystem and give them influence over future developments is a governance token. It’s a little bit like owning shares of a company (sort of). Governance tokens also have utility, however, it’s important that their supply is limited in order to avoid dilution.

If STEPN only had a single token that was used for regular gameplay as well as governance, it would have led to a massive dilution in value and influence.

Having a separate governance token that can only be purchased or earned after a certain level makes sure that only people who are truly invested in the project get to have a say in its future.

So be careful not to ignore the STEPN Comfort attribute too soon.

What Will GMT Be Used for in STEPN?

GMT is currently used for a number of in-game actions, such as leveling up sneakers, minting new shoes, and upgrading gems. Additional use-cases will probably emerge over time. However, its core purpose is to enable the long-term governance of the game in a decentralized way.

Infographic explaining what GMT will be used for in STEPN.
Infographic explaining what GMT will be used for in STEPN.

Given the fact that GMT is a governance token, it’s safe to assume that it will definitely be used for decisions on future developments at some point.

If you’re wondering why this isn’t possible already, you need to understand that STEPN is still a very young project.

The legal ramifications are also still very unclear at this stage because such organizations don’t actually exist in most legal frameworks today.

What we do know is that the total supply of GMT is fixed at 600 billion tokens, of which only 10% are currently in circulation (you can verify this on the GMT CoinMarketCap page).

The overall distribution schedule for STEPN’s tokens has a timeline of 8 years, so rest assured, STEPN is here for the long haul.

Right now, the key aspects of the game where you can or must spend GMT are:

So, even though you might have very little use for GMT right now, we believe that the long-term value of GMT is probably much higher than that of GST.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before we wrap up, let’s quickly address a few frequently asked questions about STEPN Level Up Costs.

  • Is the Comfort attribute useless until Level 29?

    Not Level 29 but Level 30. Comfort only really comes into play once you’ve achieved the ability to earn GMT tokens and this only happens when you’ve upgraded a sneaker all the way up to Level 30.

  • Has anyone gotten to Level 30 yet?

    Personally, I am not aware of anyone getting that far yet. It is very difficult to do because the amount of GST and time that you need to spend on each upgrade grows with each level.

  • How can I prove to STEPN that I believe in it?

    There’s no particular person that you need to “prove” anything to. The game mechanics and the tokenomics are simply designed in a way that ensures that only the most motivated and invested players actually reach Level 30.

  • Will GMT be released linearly?

    Accordingly the STEPN whitepaper, GMT will not be released linearly. Instead, there are various factors that will influence your ability to earn GMT, including halving mechanics for difficulty, Einstein mechanics for randomness, and Bitcoin mechanics to balance out the demand for GST and GMT.

  • When will GMT become relevant?

    No one really knows for sure. Even if you already had a Level 30 sneaker, the Comfort attribute is still undergoing development. Some people estimate that there will be more news in Q3 of 2022.


It’s clear that the game mechanics of STEPN are incredibly complex and not always easy to understand.

However, this is what makes a game challenging and fun.

If STEPN wants to create a long-lasting and valuable ecosystem, they need to have sufficient levers that allow them to balance out its token economy.

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