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The Truth About NFT Project Manager Jobs in 2023

Are you looking for NFT Project Manager jobs to apply for?

Maybe you consider yourself an all-rounder, generalist, or simply a Jack of all Trades and want to launch projects in the NFT space without necessarily launching your own startup?

Or are you unsure what an NFT Project Manager actually does and now you’re looking for insights into what the job actually entails?

Well, either way, you’re going to find the following article very enlightening.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the role and responsibilities, as well as the average salary of typical NFT Project Manager jobs.

Let’s get right to it!

Key Points (tl;dr)

For a detailed overview of the requirements of NFT Project Manager jobs, PLEASE READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

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What does an NFT Project Manager do?

NFT Project Managers are responsible for leading cross-functional teams in an effort to develop and market new products that capitalize on this emerging technology within the scope of the company’s existing line of business.

Infographic explaining what an NFT Project Manager does.
Infographic explaining what an NFT Project Manager does.

Let’s face it, being a Project Manager can mean a whole lot of different things depending on who you’re asking and what the context is.

For the most part, outside the context of NFTs, a Project Manager is simply someone who is responsible for managing any sort of project that involves people from different departments.

The term “Project Manager” is often used as a title but it can also refer to someone who has received certified training as a professional Project Manager.

Does that mean that you need to go through formal training in order to become a good Project Manager?

No, of course not.

Anyway, so what exactly do people mean when they say they are looking for an NFT Project Manager?

Your initial assumption might be that an NFT project is looking for someone to manage it properly.

While this might seem intuitive, this is rarely the case because NFT projects (i.e. 10k PFP projects and similar startups) are usually managed by the founders themselves.

So when you see a job position for an NFT Project Manager, then it is usually a position within an established company that is looking to explore NFTs.

NFTs are still so new that most company non-tech businesses still consider them to be explorative “projects”.

They will only commit to real departments once they believe there is a future for NFTs.

And those companies that already know that they want to enter the NFT space are usually looking for someone to help them build that new line of business.

For the most, NFT Project Manager jobs require all-rounders who have a good understanding of many different business functions and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

That is also why NFT Project Manager positions are very popular among existing Product Managers, Marketing Managers, and former startup Founders.

As an NFT Project Manager, you not only need to have a deep understanding of NFTs, but you also need to have experience in managing cross-functional teams, creating products, and marketing them to users.

Typical Requirements & Responsibilities of NFT Project Manager Jobs

Ideal candidates for NFT Project Manager roles are experienced all-rounders with an entrepreneurial mindset that are capable of leading teams effectively and building a shared vision within and outside their organization.

Infographic explaining what the typical requirements and responsibilities of NFT Project Manager jobs are.
Infographic explaining what the typical requirements and responsibilities of NFT Project Manager jobs are.

There is no standard NFT Project Manager job and every project or business will have slightly different requirements based on its objectives.

Nevertheless, the majority of the NFT project jobs are faced with similar challenges simply because NFTs are such a new technology.

Since these are not cookie-cutter project management roles, the best candidates tend to be Jacks of all Trades who are capable of defining a clear vision and leading teams toward a common goal.

Let’s look at some of the most common requirements and responsibilities of Project Managers and Product Managers in NFTs.

Common Requirements & Skills:

  • Strong understanding of the world of blockchain and specifically NFTs
  • Deep familiarity with NFT and crypto culture
  • Product strategy experience
  • Significant experience in product management in a tech environment
  • Familiarity with development cycles in tech
  • Experience in managing teams and building a shared vision
  • Ability to interface and influence internal and external stakeholders
  • Experience in the gaming industry is often cited as a bonus

Common Responsibilities:

  • Following the latest developments in the industry and anticipating valuable trends
  • Developing and implementing a product strategy for NFTs within the context of the existing business
  • Interfacing between and integrating various functional teams
  • The leadership of all things NFT-related, including technology evangelism within the broader organization
  • NFT Project Manager
  • Web3 NFT Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Senior Product Manager

What is the Average Salary of NFT Project Manager Jobs?

NFT Project Managers have a considerable impact on a business’ strategy and thus bear a lot of responsibility. These positions are among the higher-paid jobs within the NFT industry and are usually within the range of $60k to $300k per year, depending on the size of the organization.

Infographic showing the average salaries for NFT Project Manager jobs in Web3, by location.
Infographic showing the average salaries for NFT Project Manager jobs in Web3, by location.

Project Manager and Product Manager positions tend to be a bit rarer than others, simply because they are focal points of responsibility within most businesses.

Ironically, specialists are often easier to find than these strong all-rounders and it shows in the average salaries that are being paid.

While NFT developer jobs still command the high end of the pay scale, Project Manager jobs are quite attractive as well.

The stats for Europe are a bit skewed since the labor market is very regionally diverse, but overall NFT Project Manager jobs pay between $60k on the low end and $160k on the high end.

Obviously, there are always exceptions to this rule but we’ve found that the positions paying considerably more than this are usually in senior management.

Are NFT Jobs for Project Managers Remote OK?

The majority of Project Manager roles are generally available on a remote basis. However, larger corporations may require occasional office presence or regular proximity to the engineering team.

Although many Project Manager and Product Manager jobs are available for remote work, especially since the pandemic, there is a higher percentage of location-based positions than for other NFT-related jobs.

This is partly because product management jobs are ideally located in proximity to development teams.

However, there is also a higher proportion of large corporations that hire for this sort of position and many of them are returning to a more office-focused style of work.

That being said, given the right candidate, most employers are likely to be willing to accept a compromise on this.

Where Can I Find NFT Project Jobs?

The best places to find specific NFT project jobs are niche job boards run by people within the NFT and crypto industry, such as the Web3 Natives job board. These platforms tend to be considerably more cost-effective for companies that are hiring talent within this industry.

screenshot of the natives crypto jobs board website 1
Infographic showing the average salaries for NFT Project Manager jobs in Web3, by location.

If you’re looking for an NFT-related position in a large, multinational corporation, then the major job platforms may be the right place for you.

However, if you really want to get into the weeds of the crypto and NFT industry, then you’re more likely to find suitable positions on Web3 job boards.

Smaller niche platforms are more likely to be cost-effective for the employer and they also cut out all the irrelevant jobs for you.

Although the site hasn’t launched yet, you can already sign up for their newsletter and get notified once it goes live.


There are so many different interpretations of Project Manager positions that it’s difficult to really pinpoint what the job entails.

However, it’s clear that NFT Project Managers should ideally be all-rounders who not only have a wide array of skills but are also able to take an integrated view on things.

Many project management roles in NFTs are very similar to Product Managers and have considerable influence on the strategy of the business.

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