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The Top 50+ Cooking Hashtags + Search Volume in 2023

Looking for the perfect cooking hashtags for your next video?

Maybe you’ve just started posting meal preparation videos on YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, and now you want to know which cooking hashtags you should use?

Well, good thing you are here because so many people make the same mistakes over and over again and waste a lot of every by using the wrong hashtags on social media.

In this guide, you’ll learn why contextual hashtags are so important and how the best cooking hashtags are usually not those that are most popular.

Let’s dive right in.

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What Hashtags Should I Use for My Cooking Videos?

The most effective hashtags for home cooking and instructional cooking videos are those that describe exactly the type of food or meal being prepared. Search intent should be your primary focus.

Infographic explaining what hashtags you should use for your cooking videos.
Infographic explaining what hashtags you should use for your cooking videos.

Well, it doesn’t matter why you chose to create cooking content on social media, the key thing is that you started doing it.

In the early phase of building a social media profile, it’s incredibly important to start seeing results as early as possible.

Your ability to stick with it for the long haul will be highly dependent on your motivation and seeing results is the best form of motivation.

Now, you’re probably also wondering what sort of cooking hashtags or tags you should be using.

Most people instinctively try to find the most popular hashtags for their niche and think that this will increase their chances of success.

Well, unfortunately, that’s not true at all because picking the most popular cooking hashtags is like trying to compete with the world champions.

There’s simply too much competition.

But I’ve got good news for you.

What most people don’t realize is that social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok are actually search engines.

Users are constantly searching for very specific content that they would like to see.

And it’s your job to make sure that they can find your content as easily as possible.

By using very descriptive cooking hashtags, you dramatically increase your chances of being found.

These may not be the hashtags with the most search volume, but there is probably a lot less competition as well.

So, you stand a much better chance of getting attention than with a super generic hashtag such as #cookingvideo or #cookingclass.

Key Points (tl;dr)
  • If you create video content about cooking for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram Reels, then you should avoid most of the popular hashtags as much as you can.
  • Your hashtag strategy should be entirely focused on search intent and being as descriptive as possible with regard to the content of your videos.
  • Target hashtags that have a high Impact Score, meaning they have relatively low competition but a decent amount of search volume. Your chances of getting noticed are far greater if you simply give users what they want.

Impact Score is a Better Metric for Hashtags

Hashtags for cooking videos are an excellent example of how the Impact Score is far more important than the superficial popularity of a particular hashtag. Focus on what the user wants, not on what everyone else is doing.

Infographic explaining why Impact Score is a better metric for hashtags.
Infographic explaining why Impact Score is a better metric for hashtags.

The metric that you should focus on most is what we like to call “Impact Score”.

The Impact Score of a hashtag is effectively the ratio between the number of posts that use the hashtag and the amount of search volume it gets every month.

Cooking hashtags with a high Impact Score get sufficient search volume to be considered relevant and aren’t overly competitive either.

Someone who searches for #CookingRibs obviously wants to see videos about how to cook ribs.

The same is true for #CookingVenison or #CookingPasta.

You can probably already see where this is going.

Using highly contextual and descriptive hashtags will give you a much better chance of being found on social media.

The Top 50 Cooking Hashtags

Infographic plotting the 5 most impactful hashtags for cooking in a chart.
Infographic plotting the 5 most impactful hashtags for cooking in a chart.

The following list not only contains home cooking hashtags for YouTube.

These hashtags can be used for just about any social media platform that relies on video content.

Hashtag# of PostsMonthly Searches12M TrendImpact Score
Data table that shows the top 50 cooking hashtags including search volume, competition, and impact score.

Ready-to-Copy Hashtag Blocks for Social Media

Although you may have understood everything we just said, you still might think it’s too much work.

Or your own past experiences with similar strategies were never quite successful.

Cooking Hashtags for YouTube

#cookingvideo #cookingrecipe #cookinggames #cookingtoys #cookingshow #cookingchannel #cookingclass #cookingclasses #cookingfever #cookinggirl #cookingchallenge #cookingtips #cookingmethods #cookinghacks #cookingschool

Instagram Cooking Hashtags

#homecooking #cookingram #lovecooking #ilovecooking #cookingclass #cookingtime #healthycooking #cookingathome #cookingwithlove #easycooking #vegancooking #doyancooking #homemadecooking #instacooking #quarantinecooking

TikTok Cooking Hashtags

#homefood #chefathome #recipeoftheday #dinner #homechef #recipes #cookingday #cookingwithlove #homecooking #cook #homemadefood #healthyfood #foodgasm #foodie #cookingtok #foodtiktok #cookingvideo


The cooking and meal preparation niche is primarily driven by a “problem-solution” dynamic.

The problem is that someone wants instructions on how to cook a particular meal or type of food.

The solution is the video in which you demonstrate how it’s done.

Search intent is absolutely critical in this space and that is why you should focus your efforts on hyper-descriptive home cooking hashtags.

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